The cost of automated email and text message campaigns has come down considerably over the past five years. Our software offers an all-in-one package.


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Marketing Automation Software Pricing

Implementation and construction of automation campaigns comes at an added labor cost, but the below pricing covers our software cost.

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Common use cases

Drive Reviews

Reviews are the life-blood of any business appealing to a local market. Automating the process of asking for and acquiring reviews makes accumulating them a passive activity.

Appointment Reminders

Punctuality isn't everybody's strong suit. Reminders help! Whether it's a sales call or an in-person appointment, reminders always help drive up attendance.

Auto-Text for Missed Calls

You can't be available to answer every call that comes in. Sometimes calls even come in after hours. Our platform allows you to automatically text the number that called you and get them converted via SMS.

Collect Payments via Text

Most people have payment methods tied to their phones these days. Sending out a text message to collect payment results in 30-50% lifts in collection for receivables on average.

Web Chat

This is a great conversion rate hack. Sometimes people aren't ready to book because they have questions. They usually don't want to take the time to call. A well-timed prompt from web chat is a big help here.

The Captive Demand Platform features a Workflow Builder that streamlines and automates key marketing and sales processes, offering a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface for creating customized workflows. This integration with the platform’s CRM, sales funnels, and reporting tools enables personalized and efficient customer journeys, from initial contact through follow-up, enhancing overall efficiency and providing valuable insights through detailed analytics. This tool is essential for businesses aiming to optimize their engagement and conversion strategies with precision and ease.

The Captive Demand Platform offers a robust Membership and Subscription feature, designed to effortlessly manage and monetize your content and services. This functionality allows businesses to create exclusive membership areas or subscription-based services, providing a streamlined way to offer recurring revenue models. Integrated seamlessly with the platform’s broader suite of tools, it enables easy setup, management, and scaling of membership programs while ensuring a secure and engaging experience for subscribers. This feature is ideal for businesses looking to build a loyal community or offer continuous value through regular content or service offerings.

The Captive Demand Platform enhances business operations with its efficient Proposals and Invoices feature, streamlining the process of creating, sending, and managing proposals and invoices directly within the Platform. This tool allows businesses to quickly draft professional proposals, customize them to meet client needs, and seamlessly convert them into invoices upon acceptance. Integrated with the Platform’s CRM and payment systems, it not only simplifies the sales cycle but also ensures a smooth, accurate billing process. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses looking to maintain consistency, professionalism, and efficiency in their client engagements and financial transactions.

The Captive Demand Platform revolutionizes appointment scheduling with its Unlimited Calendars and Round Robin Calendar features, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in managing appointments and meetings. These tools allow businesses to set up multiple calendars to cater to different services or team members, ensuring seamless scheduling without overlaps. The Round Robin functionality is particularly useful for evenly distributing appointments among team members, enhancing availability and response time. Integrated into the platform’s comprehensive suite, these calendar features simplify the coordination of schedules, making it easier for clients to book and for businesses to manage appointments, leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The Captive Demand Platform elevates client engagement with its Customer Surveys feature, providing businesses with a dynamic tool to gather valuable feedback and insights. This feature allows for the creation and distribution of customized surveys, enabling direct communication with customers to understand their needs, preferences, and experiences. Integrated seamlessly with the Platform’s CRM, the Customer Surveys tool not only facilitates the collection of crucial data but also helps in analyzing responses to inform business strategies and improve customer satisfaction. It’s an essential component for businesses focused on continuous improvement and fostering strong, informed relationships with their clientele.

The Captive Demand Platform offers a Social Media Post Scheduler feature, streamlining the way businesses manage their online presence. This tool allows for efficient scheduling and publishing of content across multiple social media platforms, enabling a consistent and strategic approach to digital marketing. Integrated with the broader functionalities of the platform, the Social Media Post Scheduler aids in planning, organizing, and executing social media campaigns with ease, ensuring timely and impactful engagement with audiences. This feature is invaluable for businesses looking to maintain an active, relevant, and engaging social media footprint while saving time and resources in content management.

The Captive Demand Platform enhances local marketing efforts with its Google Business Profile Manager feature, specifically designed to streamline the management of your Google Business listing. This tool enables businesses to effortlessly update and maintain their Google Business Profile, ensuring that potential customers are always presented with accurate and up-to-date information. Integrated within the platform, it simplifies the process of managing crucial business details, responding to reviews, and posting updates, all from a single, user-friendly interface. This feature is key for businesses aiming to boost their local SEO, improve online visibility, and effectively manage their digital reputation directly through the Captive Demand Platform.


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Ben Elizer

CEO - Velocity International

Incredible Value, Exceptional Digital Growth!

Captive Demand is different than any other agency we have worked with. They take a genuine interest in your success and back up their promises with results. Our website is everything we wanted and more, and the marketing efforts are delivering us more business than we could have imagined.

Our Expertise
Our Expertise

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